Implicit Type Conversion in Scala

package com.vff.lessons

import javax.swing.JOptionPane

 * This class demonstrates how to make implicitly convert one type T to another U
 * allowing methods taking parameter T also take parameter U
object ImplicitConversion extends App {

  // Automatically allow File arguments to be passed as Strings.
  implicit def stringToFile(name:String): File = new File(name)

  // cheap and cheerful / not-very functional file reading. Lol.
  def readFile(file:File) = {
    val fs = new FileInputStream(file)
    val buffer = new Array[Byte](fs.available)
    println(new String(buffer))
  // Pop-up a dialog asking for the filename.
  val name = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Filename?")
  // readFile(File) now takes our String.

Implicit type-conversion is very powerful but the implicit keyword is alien to a lot of non-scala developers.


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