WebLogic 12c JMS queue monitoring with jolokia

Credit where it is due:
This and other helpful WebLogic administration / monitoring tips can be found in
the great WebLogic Server 12c Distinctive Recipes book by Frank Munz.

Jolokia is a great open source tool that provides, amongst other things, a RESTful interface to MBeans in JEE Containers. My specific need is WebLogic queue monitoring and jolokia is great for this. I have the following:

JMS Server: jms-server-1
JMS Module: jms-module-1
WebLogic Server: AdminServer (not recommended for production)
JMS Queue: indexQueue

By installing jolokia as a war (dropping the war file in autodeploy directory if running in development mode) I can get information about my queue by navigating to the following url:


Sample JSON Output:


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