ebook (draft)

Preface: This book shows some techniques used to write good web applications in Java. A problem with any technical book in this early 21st century is the speed at which technologies become obsolete. Java is a relatively mature technologies now though and this is where I will be concentrating a lot, if not all, of my effort.

This (e)book is aimed at Java developers, architects and tech leads. It might also be useful to anyone working with software as their end product.

I am a contractor. I work for a fixed period on a software development project and typically provide some guidance on technologies or methodologies used on a project. On each project I tend to find one or two things that are good, and one or two that are particularly bad. Each project is a lesson. Typically the software works and that’s great. I try to provide advice on potential improvements in procedures, technologies or coding techniques and these are sometimes appreciated, sometimes not. I’m past preaching to the people who don’t want the advice though, I have no axe to grind and I suggest you don’t either.

pro tip: No-one likes a smartarse.

Software Development Analogies
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Coding Style
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